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My name is Dmitry and I am the founder of Aurádius Photography. I was doing photography for as long as I could remember. It all started when, as a small child, I received an old film camera from my Dad as a present and won a local photo contest in my school with it. Over the years, as I matured and dabbled in many genres, photography grew to be more than just a hobby for me. It became my life passion.Thanks to traveling, yet another passion of mine, I had a lot of opportunities to work with people from different parts of the world and shoot in various settings and environments. During my career, I visited more than 20 countries and have been on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Currently, I am based in Houston, Texas, but I still travel frequently around the world and will never cease to be amazed by all the interesting people and exciting new places which I see through the lens of my camera.

I see photography as an art which allows me to capture people in their best moments, preserving them as precious memories. I believe that everyone can and deserve to be beautiful in these moments. I also think that external physical beauty is just one aspect of it and a good picture has to tell us something about personality and inner world of the person. My mission as a photographer is to create memories and stories by blending in my pictures the ambience shaped by light and shadows, the mood defined by environment, and people's personalities manifesting through pose, smile, glance, and mimic.

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