Services and rates

I offer a wide spectrum of professional photography, retouching, and educational services. All my clients enjoy a high level of service, full confidentiality, and an individualized approach. You can find specific details about my services below and contact me for booking or for any other questions.

Photography and retouching

My main areas of expertise are individual and group portraits as well as indoor and outdoor lifestyle and event photography. For indoor sessions, I have a fully equipped 180 sq. ft. personal photo studio based in South Houston and I also have shared access to a bigger studio if necessary. I do work in different locations within the Greater Houston area. Depending on the particular assignment, I can arrange for professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and/or fashion consultant. I accept off-site assignments but travel arrangements should be discussed in advance to allow time for schedule planning.

The typical rate charged to new clients is $125/hour, which includes delivering electronic images after any post-processing/retouching required for the particular project. I also provide free pre-shoot consultations where the specific and the details of the upcoming session with the client are discussed, such as the type of photoshoot, location, wardrobe, makeup, etc.

I use services of a professional photography lab and offer wide choices of high-quality printing products (prints, albums, books, etc) if desired by the client. All these products are charged separately.

Photography education

I have 12 years of experience in photography and I enjoy teaching other people. Typically, my clients are amateur photographers who would like to learn how to use their equipment to the fullest and to improve their pictures. Many people do not even realize that having a DSLR and shooting in the AUTO mode prevents them from utilizing the creative abilities of their equipment. In my consultations, I aim to change that and tailor my teachings method depending on the client's level of experience and prior knowledge of photography.

If you are just thinking about getting a camera, I can help you select your first DSLR and explain what parameters and specs are important. Here is a hint - despite what marketing wants you to believe, judging the camera by megapixels alone is totally useless.

My standard rate for hands-on education session is $100/hour. This includes free follow-up consultations if you have any additional questions later.